Keychains are great for marketing, fundraising, and promoting your event or business.  Ours start with a silicon wristband and then the keyring and gromet are added. Below, you’ll find a brief description of how the text is designed. We can fully customize yours to best meet your needs. Like wristbands, keychains can be made with a wide array of colors, color combinations and even glitter. There are many options to consider, so let us help in finding the best one for you.

Debossed text is depressed into the wristband and then filled with any color. The color combinations are endless. Let’s start creating together!

By silk screen printing, text, images, and logos can be printed onto the wristband. Silk screen printing presents the most options and customization to your project.

Embossed text is raised with a 3-D look and texture. The raised text looks best with a solid color or two color band. The keyring and gromet are added to the band creating the keychain.