Being a small business

Being a small business


Being a small business can be tough. There are lots of balls to juggle in this circus. Dream Maker Pins has been working hard on our technology. We have teamed up with a “backend pro” who is currently building a backend for our website. This will allow clients to create an account. Once they sign in they will have access to request quotes and prices. They will have an interactive dashboard allowing them to watch the progress of the project. If our artists have a question, they will be able to contact the client directly and get the info they need to complete the art/proofing process.

We are incredibly excited about this. This will add a level of automation for our team while adding a personal touch and more direct access for our clients. It’s mind blowing that as technology automates things for us, it also personalizes it for our clients. YAY!!!

We are leveling up friends. We hope to have everything done and rolling in two weeks? Every time we set a time frame it has been pushed back. So I don’t want to jinx it! 🙂

We look forward to an official reveal date!

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