Silicone wristband time!

If you haven’t ever noticed, start to look around and you will be blown away by how many people wear silicone wristbands. Most often they are wearing a wristband that shows their support for a cause. I always get excited when I see them on people’s arm just thinking about a group that raised money […]

Pin Size Samples

Pin size is a matter of personal preference. We can’t tell you what size is best for you. BUT we can provide a visual ?

Being a small business

Being a small business can be tough. There are lots of balls to juggle in this circus. Dream Maker Pins has been working hard on our technology. We have teamed up with a “backend pro” who is currently building a backend for our website. This will allow clients to create an account. Once they sign […]

Pin artwork creation tips

Here some simple guidelines to follow for successful pin design creation.  

What kind of artwork do you need?

What kind of artwork do you need to make a pin? Let us tell you 🙂 Bottomline – the dream file is a vector or .ai. Second best would be a high resolution JPEG or PDF.

I Run for Mandy

Dream Maker Pins is happy to provide silicon wristbands for the I Run for Mandy 5k coming up March 26th. Mandy was a young girl who lost her battle to DIPG. DIPG are highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. Mandy made a big impact in her […]

Sequential Numbers or LE

LE or sequential numbering is a popular thing with pins. LE simply stands for “Limited Edition”. If you find a pin that has “5/100” that means your pin is #5 out of 100 pins made. There is a very large pin trading world out there. These LE’s are very important. Buyers like to know that their pin […]

Glow in the Dark

Not all glow in the dark is created equal. Glow powder is mixed into the color enamel applied to the pin. Depending on how much time and care the factory puts into mixing the glow powder will determine the results. We are happy with our factory partner.

Do you know what type of pin you like? Hard or soft enamel?

One of the first questions we ask anyone we work with is do they want hard or soft enamel pins. Often times we can feel their deer in headlights look even though we aren’t looking at them. This video should clear it up for you. Bottomline. Smooth = hard and ridges = soft enamel.