A pin back is what holds your pin on your clothes, jacket etc. There are two main pin backs. Rubber Black and Butterfly. Pins backs are personal preference. We find corporate or business type clients prefer butterfly backs. Hat pin and trading pin clients generally prefer the rubber black backs.

If you want to stand out, yellow rubber pin backs are available for a small additional per piece rate of $0.05 each. We have other custom pins backs that are available, for larger quantity orders – 10,000 pins or more. We’d be happy to help you choose the right back for your pin.

Rubber Pin Backs Butterfly Pin Back

Not everyone has the software needed to create vector files for factory-ready designs and that’s OK. Our artists can take a hand drawing or a photoshop file and create the vectors we need for production. Don’t overthink the artwork when it comes to creating your perfect pin. We are here to help! In fact, we are available to provide suggestions and work with you to create the pin you’ve imagined. We love to hear your questions about what we can create with you.

Our products are not US made. We are a US based company but our production factories are in China.

Yes, we can! Our factories use white glow powder, added to any color enamel. Please mark on your design what you’d like to glow.

At this point, we are unable to produce different glow in the dark colors because the quality is inconsistent. We are working hard to bring you the newest techniques in pin making. If you have any questions, about what we can create for you, please ask.

Generally our minimum quantity is 100. We have found that with 100 quantity orders, the set up fee is most cost effective. We will consider projects of 50 but rather encourage quantities of 100 or more.

All projects are custom quoted. The production time will be given to our clients at the time of order. But for common projects and non-busy factory season you can expect a 14-20 day production time. Silicon wristbands are the quickest at about 8-10 days.

Most projects have shipping included. There are special occasions when shipping costs are charged, but we ensure our clients know ALL charges before projects are ordered with our factory partners.

Our projects are shipped using USPS and Fedex.

Our products are handmade from out factory partners, therefore things can get screwed up. If that happens, contact us ASAP with pictures/video showing us the issue. Depending on the issue, products can be remade, a discount or small refund can be given. When issues arise it seems we are just as bummed as you. We will work hard to fix the situation.

Dream Maker Pins accepts your debit or credit card and Paypal accounts. During the closing of your order, please tell us which you prefer.

Pin size is a personal preference. Here are some helpful industry standards:

Corporate Lapel pins – Size 0.75″ – 1.5″

Hat Pins – Size 1.5″ – 2″

Baseball Trading Pins – 1.75″ – 2″

Years of Service Pins – 1″ – 1.25″

Here is a visual for you! (We prefer visuals)

0.75″ pin compared to a quarter

0.75" pin compared to a quarter

1″ pin compared to a quarter

1" pin compared to a quarter

1.25″ pin compared to a quarter

1.25" pin compared to a quarter

1.5" pin compared to a quarter

1.75″ pin compared to a quarter

1.75" pin compared to a quarter

2″ pin compared to a quarter

2" pin compared to a quarter