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Silicone wristband time!

If you haven’t ever noticed, start to look around and you will be blown away by how many people wear silicone wristbands. Most often they are wearing a wristband that shows their support for a cause. I always get excited when I see them on people’s arm just thinking about a group that raised money for a great cause. Do you have a cause that you’d like to get exposure for? Maybe even fundraise? Silicone wristbands are an easy and [...]


I Run for Mandy

Dream Maker Pins is happy to provide silicon wristbands for the I Run for Mandy 5k coming up March 26th. Mandy was a young girl who lost her battle to DIPG. DIPG are highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. Mandy made a big impact in her five short years on earth. This race will raise money to help DIPG research and honor a cool little girl. The race is free [...]